Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC)

JPIC USA is chaired by (photo above, center) Sr. Ann Gray, DW, and includes members (L-R) Sr. Margaret McCabe, DW, Sr. Evelyn Lamoureux, DW, Maryse Haig, AW and Sr. Rosemary McKenna, DW.

JPIC USA is chaired by (photo above, center) Sr. Ann Gray, DW, and includes members (L-R) Sr. Margaret McCabe, DW, Sr. Evelyn Lamoureux, DW, Maryse Haig, AW and Sr. Rosemary McKenna, DW.

Daughters of Wisdom are called in community to seek and contemplate Divine Wisdom present in a world that hungers for meaning, justice and compassion. We seek to share the message of Jesus Incarnate Wisdom to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children.

In keeping with the values of Wisdom Spirituality, we empower ourselves and others to analyze the critical justice, peace and integrity of creation issues that impact the lives of individuals and of families; as well as those that affect the local and global community and the Church.

We will facilitate our gospel response to injustice by networking with other organizations, thus strengthening our interconnectedness through animation, formation, communication and coordination.

JPIC Activities

Sr. Ann Gray, DW recounts her experience as one of many who attended the March for Life at New York’s Farmingdale University Campus demonstration on March 24, 2018.

March 24, Audrey Schroeder, AW and myself together with many women religious from Long Island attended this memorable event held in the Gymnasium of Farmingdale University Campus. Over 500 people poured into the Gym, conscious that they were one group out of 800 other gatherings taking place across the United States.

As I looked out at the gathering crowd, I was struck by the diversity of age: the elderly, young mothers pushing baby strollers, students- middle school-age, some younger; some older, teachers, rabbis, couples of every denomination filling the bleachers up as high as the eye could see.

But the real focus was the panel of high school seniors situated at the center of the gym. Among them was a young woman who was a survivor of the Parkland, Florida shooting. She recalled the moment the shooting began. Not sure what her fate would be she called her mother to say she loved her but didn’t know if she would ever see her again. “No one should ever have to make a call like that,” the young woman said. The people rang out with cries of “Enough is Enough!”

Before our eyes, we saw one young person after the other pledge their determination to realize the changes they want to happen; to petition, and in the next election to vote for change in Gun laws in this country.

One of the invited panelists was not a high school senior, but Kevin McCarthy, another survivor who was critically wounded on a Long Island, NY train. His Father was shot dead beside him. The year was 1993, and gun deaths have gone on until the present. Yes, “Enough is Enough!” Let this generation of young make the difference that must happen, let them show us how democracy works and Let This Be the Time!

-Sr. Ann Gray, DW

In other Marches on the Island and in New York City...

Daughters of Wisdom from Port Jefferson, NY, Sisters Irene Arsenault, Maureen Hurley, and Barbara O'Dea gathered with people of their local community to stand in solidarity with thousands of others in Washington, D.C. and across the nation to support the March for Our Lives rally- a youth steered movement to enact stronger gun control legislation and prevent shootings and gun violence in schools. Provincial leader, Sr. Catherine Sheehan, DW participated in the NYC rally for March for Our Lives. She said, "I was very impressed by the inspiring young people and all those who want to be about a positive change."