Christ the King High School Names Scholarship Fund in Honor of Sister Veronica Byrne

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The administration and faculty of Christ the King High School has named a Scholarship Fund in Honor of Sr. Veronica Bryne, DW. Sr. Veronica came to the school in 1966, where she served for 39 years as a Social Studies teacher and Chair of the department, Choral Group leader and Moderator of Cheerleaders and Student Council.

Sr. Veronica and Sr. Emma Rohn were invited to a special luncheon in their honor on June 26th. Past and present members of Christ the King’s administration and faculty were in attendance, as the day was officially proclaimed “Sister Veronica Day.” Sister Emma was also recognized, and presented with a cake in honor of her 92nd birthday. Sister Emma taught Social Studies and organized the Social Studies Dept. and was also the first moderator of the John XXIII National Honor Society of Christ the King High School. She also supervised the resource room, and later worked in the school library, assisting with the Middle States Accreditation process.

Sr. Emma said, "It was surprising to see how many teachers had been students in Sr. Veronica's Social Studies classes. Inspired by her kindness, dedication, and understanding, they followed in her footsteps and became social studies teachers in their Alma Mater."

Serphin R. Maltese, Chairman of Christ the King Board of Trustees said, “Sister Veronica is known and respected for her dedication and commitment not only to the students and teachers, but to the entire CK community. We are also grateful we had the opportunity to pay tribute for all she and Sister Emma have done at Christ the King High School…We owe a debt of gratitude to the Daughters of Wisdom and the religious community for their contributions.”

Catherine McWilliams