Sojourners Discuss 2018 General Chapter Orientations at Retreat

The Daughters of Wisdom’s Sojourners retreated to the Farm House at Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center in Litchfield, CT this past Labor Day weekend. Their discussion focused on the 2018 world-wide congregational General Chapter Orientations. Sisters commented on how one or more of the orientations are fulfilled in their lives and missions. Conversations were enlightening and enriching – some poignant as well.  Many Sojourners are directly involved with immigrants. Many accompany people in the daily realities of their lives – whether that be illness, aging, searching in faith, discernment, or facing life’s transitions and challenges. It was evident that all of the Sisters are engaged in some way in promoting care of creation and advocating for the environment.

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Though she has had a variety of unique experiences over the years, Sr. Sara Proctor, DW shared a recent encounter with the group. “I have had the challenge and privilege of working with new immigrants for the last 19 years in Florida. In my position as coordinator of free medical services for Catholic Charities, I have dealt with not only the health care needs but many of the other issues that impact the lives of these folks, such as limited transportation, limited funds, limited access to food resources, and trauma to other family members back in their home countries. My volunteer staff and I have purchased food and clothing for families; we have organized Christmas parties and Mexican Mother’s Day celebrations. This past January, we helped organize an Epiphany celebration with three horsemen from the Sheriff’s Department to serve as the 3 Kings. We all strive to see and treat the whole person. We currently have a patient with terminal lung disease. For this person, the future is very short. We discussed desires for final moments and wishes. One was to return to Mexico. We made contact with the family who was willing to take on the responsibility, but the patient did not have a passport to return to Mexico and would have to fly due to the need for chronic oxygen. We contacted the Mexican Consulate, made an appointment; and very early one day my nurse Carmen, the patient, and I left for the one-and-a-half-hour trip to the Consulate in Orlando, Florida. We made sure the patient had everything needed, and by the afternoon, we were back- Mission Accomplished! All I can say is how many other free medical clinics would do these kinds of things for their patients or the community they serve? While these folks are with us, they are our sisters and brothers.”

Catherine McWilliams