Ann Keany, AW Celebrates 25th Jubilee

Remembering Ann Keany


"Ann loved the spirit she found among the Daughters of Wisdom, and so she became an associate. Although her life circumstances obliged her to move upstate, she has tenaciously found ways to keep in touch, and maintain her contacts as an Associate of Wisdom."

Ann Keany is fondly remembered by some of the nurses who are still on the staff at Sound Beach. Here are a few things that they remember about Ann. Ann was a super-devoted wife. Her husband had left her early on, but when, many years later, he fell ill with a brain tumor, Ann took him back into her home and nursed him until the day he died. A friend who knew them both said, “He knew in his heart the kind of person Ann is, and he instinctively came home because he trusted her.”

Ann was and is the devoted mother of five children. After her husband had left her, she had to take over the care and nurturing of all of them. While she was working at Sound Beach, she often had to work another job at the same time in order to support her children.

The great tragedy of her life was the death of her Son, Joe. To help people to understand the kind of a man he was, Ann used to tell this story. “One of my colleagues at work, had a daughter who was desolate because she didn’t have a date for her high school prom. Now, Joe was a very handsome guy, so I asked him whether he would consider taking her. And he did! He was so good-looking and so gracious, that the girl had a delightful time and never forgot that wonderful night of her life.”

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