Am I Called?

If you chose to read this section, chances are that you might be looking for something deeper than what you have experienced in life thus far. Perhaps you have a feeling of incompleteness or a desire for a deeper relationship with God. Or do you look around you at what is happening in the world and wish you could help to make a difference? Maybe this is the time for you to think about exploring religious life. How might this way of life speak to your questioning heart?


Today for many even thinking about religious life can evoke deep feelings of confusion, feelings of excitement and fear, of uncertainty and hopefulness. These feelings are natural, not unlike those you might experience in making any major life choice and commitment. What is clear is a restlessness of spirit and a longing for something more to make your life complete, a desire to belong, to make a difference in the world. Consecrated religious life is one path towards fulfillment.


Religious communities have much in common. Yet, each has a distinctive "something," a unique charism that animates and motivates its members. Charisms are gifts of the Spirit, deep insights into a particular aspect of the gospel given for the transformation of the Church and, ultimately, of the world. We encourage you to visit with us and with others to learn about religious life. During this process you might well find a community that responds to your desires. Visits, conversations, prayer and reflection play a critical role in the process of discovering a sense of "at home-ness" with a community.


As for the Daughters of Wisdom, our charism involves following the path of Wisdom who "...makes all things new. In every generation she passes into holy souls to make them friends of God and prophets." (Wis. 7.27) Our path is steeped in the quest for God and in a desire to be witnesses and bearers of hope for suffering humanity.  With creative fidelity to our founders, Marie Louise Trichet and Louis de Montfort, we desire to pass on their charism through a way of life rooted in the gospel as they and succeeding generations of Sisters lived it over the past three hundred years. Ours is a spiritual journey marked by a deep desire to come to know Jesus, the Wisdom of God who became one with our humanity and, as he did, to offer compassionate care for suffering humanity.


Our mission in the Church and in the world is to give expression to the ardent love of God for our brothers and sisters. We strive to spread this mission through many different kinds of ministries, most often for people who are in great need, especially women and children. Dwelling among the people we serve, Daughters of Wisdom are present on all five continents in ministries that include health care, education, retreat centers, pastoral care, parish work, shelters, clinics, hospitals or wherever needed.



If you would like to explore further, or if you think your calling might be to live the way of Wisdom, we encourage you to contact us. A Sister will welcome you and listen to your questions. She will point out resources and with others, introduce you to our charism and spirituality, our communities and ministries.  These steps will help you to discover whether or not you feel at home with our life and mission. You can  count on her support to assist you in the process of determining whether or not the Daughters of Wisdom is the right community for you.


So are you ready to make a call? We’re ready to answer!


The Daughters of Wisdom’s Vocation Committee: (L-R) Sisters Bernadette Sassone (NY), Diane Guerette (CT), Barbara O’Dea (NY), Grace Malonzo (VA) and Rosemary Connelly (CT)



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